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Here at Wynk, we’re solving some of the most challenging problems in bringing music to every Indian’s life. Everyday, more than 3 million music listeners choose us to get their daily dose of melodies and we are proud of playing that role in so many lives.

Wynk Music

Made in India, for the Indian user

From Ed Sheeran to Kishore Kumar and everything in between, the Indian consumer is quintessentially different in her likes and dislikes from rest of the world. Whether it is her prudence for saving data, her dislike of bulky apps or her love for songs in her native language, the Indian consumer is not one but a mix of hundreds of different user personas. It is this challenge of creating a beautiful and usable product for our varied user bases that keeps us busy everyday.

We live Agile development

Over 1.4 billion songs get played on our platform every month and it is a number that continues to grow at a startling pace. With this scale and growth, we have found a natural ally in the cloud and we love building on top of it. We also love big-data systems, analytics, reusable code and an agile approach to product development.

Problem-solving in our DNA

Every day, designers, product managers and engineers huddle together in their respective squads to solve our key problems of discovery, recommendation, engagement and growth. And we do this in the backdrop of must-haves on scalability, support for intermittent networks and constraints of low-end client devices. These squads are further supported by our highly talented teams in content, marketing, analytics, advertising and business development.

Agility of a startup, backing of a telecom giant

We are a small company of 100-odd folks working out of the ‘Wynk Garage’. But at the same time, we operate within the premises of India’s largest telecom provider. And we love this unique position. It allows us to think like a start-up and gives us the flexibility to move fast and pivot. At the same time, we have the backing and support of India’s biggest telecom company to help us pull some weight.

Spearheading the next big disruption

Since our journey that started in 2013, we have worked on some of truly Indian problems to become the leading music streaming service in the country. With the growing array of voice interfaced streaming devices launching every month, the exponential increase in internet usage on the back of lower bandwidth costs, and the technology disruptions in the field of AI, we believe that music streaming is looking at a disruption in India and everywhere else. And we want to play a leading role as that unfolds.

Be a part of the revolution

Are we blind-sided to some big consumer trend or are we missing out on an obvious platform? Well, we might be. And that’s where we need you! Do you think you have the expertise and the ambition to shape the future of music streaming in the country?

Use Wynk Music on any device

Use Wynk Music on any device